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YouTube Search Engine

YouTube has in the past years made giant steps in terms of coping with challenges and meeting the needs of its clients.

Before becoming the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube underwent several key transformations. It was established thanks to the efforts of three Paypal employees Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Chen Steve. The idea to come up with the now most popular search engine was motivated by the trio’s inability to share videos that they had taken in a party the previous year.

Their invention has seen tremendous changes in online marketing platforms by improving the nature of online advertisements using video technology. These developments and the use of video sharing technology have taken place in less than a decade, an achievement that can be compared to no other given the time span in which it has taken place. Continue reading

 Microsoft News TodayMicrosoft has released security updates set for August 2013

Microsoft Corp. today released the August set of fixes for their products. According to the description of the company, most fixes this time had to Internet Explorer: 19 out of 11 critical fixes are designed for your browser. The company said that such an impressive scale fixes underscores that users and organizations need to very closely monitor the updates for Internet Explorer. Antivirus companies also warn that older browsers may cause data loss.

In addition to patches for IE, the company also released a patch for the protocol stack IPv6, including one patch for the vulnerability, to provoke the so-called Ping of Death. In total, according to the description on the website of the corporation, was released in August 8 individual security bulletins. Continue reading

Google GlassesMembers embarrassed to wear Google Glass, and the owners of restaurants, casinos and other institutions already want to ban them.

While manufacturers of smartphones and tablets teach them not to break down in the water (like Sony), and wait for Apple’s magic hours, Google has developed an unusual gadget – augmented reality glasses Google Glass. The first batch of glasses (of 2,000 items), the company has released to the market in April this year. Continue reading

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