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Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

Complaints about the new Call of Duty’s graphics on Xbox One have already been made, but are gamers expecting too much from the console too soon?

As we sit on the eve of the next generation game consoles, you can cut the tension in the industry with a knife. Gamers and developers alike are anxiously awaiting the release of the Xbox One and PS4. Expectations are high for the new consoles, but are they too high?

Rough Transition

Despite the fact neither consoles have been released yet gamers are already expecting too much. Infinity Ward, the developers of Call Of Duty, are claiming that gamers are expressing dissatisfaction with the graphics of the Xbox One version of the latest entry in the FPS series, Call Of Duty: Ghosts. The Xbox version of COD Ghosts runs at 720p whilst the PS4 is a much crisper 1080p. Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One E3This year’s conference-exhibition E3 began with a huge presentation with Microsoft, where developers unveiled new details of its next-gen consoles, and also showed a variety of games for Xbox One.

It was learned that the Xbox One will cost 499 euros, and its release date is scheduled for November 2013. We already wrote about the basic features of the new consoles, and now tell you about the games that are being developed for it. Continue reading

Playstation 4 vs Xbox OneWith the announcement of the game and media console new generation of Xbox One passed three weeks and yesterday, Microsoft has finally disclosed the cost of the device: it was at the upper limit of analysts’ expectations, a very risky area, according to them: $ 499.

Recall that the Xbox One runs on the 8-core CPU / GPU, equipped with 8 GB of RAM, drive Blu-ray, hard drive to 500 GB, USB 3.0 interface and protocol support Wi-Fi Direct. Over the past three weeks, figured out some more details on the features of the Kinect sensor and of the console Xbox One, including the requirement of mandatory access to the Internet. Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One E3Microsoft on Monday on the conference-exhibition E3 in Los Angeles presented a few new games, focused on the game console Xbox One, which is expected to release in November this year.

Last month, the company showed the console itself, and also briefly spoke about its non-gaming capabilities.

Now the presentation was almost entirely devoted to games for Xbox One.

Perhaps the biggest and most anticipated announcement was the presentation of the traditional flagship Xbox – shooter Halo, the fifth version of which is to continue the tradition of the main line. The paradox with Halo 5 is that there is still Halo was the “locomotive” for the Xbox and leaving either a new Xbox, or any of its hardware upgrades that come out and the new Halo. However, this time it will not be so:  Xbox One will be released in the autumn, whereas Halo 5 only in the first half of the year 2014. Continue reading

PS4 Xbox One E3Ubisoft and Electronic Arts presented a new games for the PS4 and Xbox One

Games publishers, the company Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, independently of each other in the framework of ongoing conference E3, presented their gaming news.

In total, the two companies have shown nearly two dozen new games as well as extensions of previously released projects. Presented how the projects for the new Xbox One, and for the Playstation 4.

Among the announcements of Ubisoft can be distinguished projects such as Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Just Dance 2014, Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s The Division. Ubisoft reported that in October this year will release the game Rocksmith in 2014, is a music simulation game console. Along with him, Ubisoft also presented and Just Dance in 2014, continued her dance simulator. Both games come out like on Xbox One, and the PS4. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 will use standard MiracastMicrosoft Inc., worried the release of his first update to the operating system, Windows 8, has already submitted earlier list included changes that affect mostly on the appearance of the OS and the tile interface.

At this time, the company announced the functional features of Windows 8.1, one of which will be to support standard wireless transmission of multimedia signals – Miracast. Continue reading

xboxOnline edition HotHardware.com citing its sources reported that Microsoft is going to receive the domain name XboxOne.com.

Recall that Micrososft announced the game console Xbox One week ago, this console replaces the current Xbox 360 console.

However, the fact that the domain name XboxOne.com is, of course, busy, and the current owner of the domain name it was long before Microsoft announced this console. It was recorded in December 2011, when even within the company still was not clear from the name of the new console. Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One presentationMicrosoft corporation presented its new Xbox One console yesterday more details of which would be discussed within June E3 show in Los-Angeles.

However, not many were satisfied with stated data on the presentation. Some questions answers to which were most of all expected was left without due attention.

So, the company did not report how much would Xbox One cost while this question is important. The average price of the well packaged tablet is $500, and the lap top costs $600 – on the one hand; and Android smartphone is about $200 – on the other hand. So, the rice range of 400-500 dollars per console seems to be reasonable. However, it is obvious that Xbox One will have at least two editions: basic and premium. Continue reading

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