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XBMCXBMC development team presented to the public a new version of its eponymous product XBMC 12.1 FINAL, cross-platform media center software with open source.

XBMC product allows users to organize, access to personal collections of media files on the PC hard disk, optical disk or network storage, and provides everything you need to play multimedia content (audio, video, digital images, etc.) in all popular formats. Thanks to the media server, XBMC, for example, you’ll be able to watch videos from your personal collection on a big TV screen and control the playback with a convenient remote control.

XBMC 12.1 is a maintenance update that provides better performance and stability of the product on different hardware platforms. Most of the proposed improvements to somehow relate to the electronic equipment manufactured by Apple. So the owners of systems based on the operating system OS X offers support for embedded audio output device, and the ability of hardware video decoding. Developers have reported increasing support technology AirPlay. A device holder Apple TV 2 will appreciate the tighter compatibility with iOS mobile platform 6 and significantly reduce the number of crashes the application. Continue reading

XBMCTwo months later, after considerable production represented 12.0 Update Open Media Center XBMC 12.1, much of which was an adjustment in nature and address the identified problems in the operation.

Finished installation packages are available for Mac OS X (x86, PPC), FreeBSD, Linux (ARM, PPC, x86, and x86-64), Android, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Apple TV, and iOS. Project code is licensed under the GPLv2 +.

Of the changes include support for Mac OS X the default audio device and the activation of the hardware decoding Intel GPU. Continuation of established audio in Linux, after returning from sleep mode. Added optimization to be executed on Raspberry Pi, improved support for subtitles. Added support for iOS 6 via AppleTV 2. The possibility of additional control consoles Xbox 360. Eliminated a large portion of errors, many of which could lead to a crash. Continue reading

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