• The Government of Japan is offering $ 36,000 for information about the creator of the virus

The Government of Japan has announced a reward of $ 36,000 dollars for any information that would allow to catch the virus creator, to send an electronic message boards and boxes of various organizations and individual Internet users ads and e-mails with the threats of terrorism. It should be noted that earlier the Japanese government offered a similar reward for information about people wanted on suspicion of murder and arson.

Law enforcement authorities in Japan have discovered a malicious program in October of this year, after the arrest of the owners of several computers that allegedly were sent threatening texts. However, law enforcement authorities in Japan have not been able to find any traces of malware creators.

It is currently known that the police were looking for a man well versed in the programming language C #. We also know that for the anonymous publication of texts from online threats, the suspect uses a method called ‘Syberian Post Office’. Continue reading