Windows 8 vs Windows7In the final version of Windows 8, click on the bottom left of the button on the screen – which previously was located on Start – starts the interface Metro (or Modern, as now he is called Microsoft).

The new panel interface is completely different from what was used on the desktop Windows, and much like Windows Phone.

Many users, however, in any way won’t decide on the new interface. Personally, I use Windows 8 in a few months, still can not figure out if he likes me or not. Getting used to it takes some time, which is why I do not draw conclusions.

Apart from me, there are plenty of people have already given up the new interface, and comment on them online. Everyone loves to remind Microsoft about what the bad was its previous operating systems, such as ME and Vista, and state that Windows 8 will be no better. But we still believe that Windows 8 has a lot of nice features and will be able to provide us with a lot of positive impressions.

Recently, works hard advertising campaign Microsoft, trying to clarify a number of enhancements for people Windows 8. And improvement, we have to admit, there really is. Overcoming two preview-version and reaching the final stages of development, Windows 8 was faster than Windows 7. Continue reading