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Linux vs WindowsGears on Gallium – openSUSE base livecd with lates opensource video drivers

Yesterday has been published the results of performance evaluation added to the Mesa 10.4 tracker states Gallium-Nine, which provides support for API Direct3D 9 for Unix-like systems.

The comparison includes both synthetic benchmarks and testing using gaming in “native” mode or through wine / wine-csmt. Continue reading

Linux vs WindowsAfter Successfully migrate public institutions on Linux, the City Council of Munich did not stop there and took the initiative to provide all residents of tools for the transition from Windows XP to Linux.

According to the plan, which passed the stage of preliminary approval, until the spring of next year it is planned to extend about two thousand CDs with the distribution Lubuntu, edited Ubuntu Linux based environment LXDE, oriented to be used on older systems.

Currently in use in Germany is about 20 million computers that are running the operating system Windows XP, released 11 years ago. Time release updates for Windows XP until April of next year, and users of the system will face the challenge of transition to a newer version of Windows, which is more demanding on system resources. As one of the main purposes of migration is called the reduction of electronic waste – instead of recycling still working computers that do not meet the requirements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, such systems can provide many more years if they are to be installed less intensive operating system. Continue reading

Linux vs WindowsLinux (GNU / Linux) – is the common name of UNIX-like operating systems that are based on the free Linux kernel and built for him libraries, and the software programs developed by the project GNU.

GNU/Linux, unlike the majority of other OS, has no certain “official” complete set. It comes in a large number of Linux distributions, which are connected with the GNU Linux kernel. The best-known Linux distributions are Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Red Hat, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo and others. Continue reading

Microsoft WindowsAround the middle of 2013 will be released a major upgrade of Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue, which is intended to make changes that can increase the interest in the new operating system, according to InfoQ.

One such change is the ability to include a standard “Start” menu to which users are accustomed to from previous versions of the. In Windows 8 “Start” menu screen has been replaced by the “Start” with the large “live” tiles that display information in real time from an application. However, according to some observers, the new screen is inconvenient to control the mouse on the laptop or desktop PC without touch screen.

According to Net Applications, Windows 8 users share is growing, but not very fast. In February 2013, it had 2.67% of the market of desktop platforms, which is slightly higher than the January result of 2.26%. For comparison, the share of Windows 7 is 44.55%, and Windows XP – 38,99%.

According to observers, the output of Windows Blue increase the interest in Windows 8 PC ownership among those who still prefer to stay on Windows 7. In addition, the update will remove the interface elements that interfere in the work, which should increase interest in the operating system by corporate clients. Continue reading

Windows Firewall Control

Released an updated version of the application Windows Firewall Control 3.8. With this small and completely free tool owners of computers running Windows will be able to configure the built-in firewall.

Users do not have to spend time on the development of numerous windows and operating system settings. To gain access to the most popular firewall settings, simply click on a compact tray icon. The compact box Windows Firewall Control, users can, for example, switch between available modes filtering outbound connections. The utility also can notify the owner of the computer for various events through pop-up or sound.

One of the most notable innovations presented in the new version of Windows Firewall Control 3.8, is the ability to simultaneously run multiple instances of the application, including various user accounts. Said improvement will provide a more stable operation of the program.

Application size reduced by 20% compared to previous versions, and the performance of the markedly increased. Developers managed to achieve this result through the use of faster and more advanced encryption algorithms. Built-in search engines have also been refined and now provides for more rapid detection of executable files on your hard drive. Continue reading

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