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Windows 9Windows Threshold will be the last major update for the operating system that the company will release.

On September 30 at the event, which will be held in San Francisco, Microsoft will officially introduce a new version of the operating system Windows 9.

According to sources, the new OS has received tentative name Threshold, and will be the last major update for the operating system, which will release the company. After that, Microsoft plans to release a small regular updates. Continue reading

Windows 9Next year Microsoft will release a new generation of Windows desktop operating system.

It is expected that Microsoft announces a new product at the conference Build-2014. Paul Thurrott, blogger and journalist, who writes about Microsoft, has learned about the software giant’s plans.

Microsoft will introduce a new operating system Windows 9 next year, the announcement of which will take place this spring at a conference for developers Build-2014. According to Thurrott, Microsoft has completed updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Continue reading

Windows 9According to several sources, including the site Win8china, who once put a lot of truthful insider data, Microsoft is working on the next major release of Windows, called Windows 9.

Given this information, it can be concluded that the project Windows Blue, in fact, may only upgrade to the not too successful Windows 8, and after it will be released a full new OS Windows 9.

Of the components, on which is the main work, sources say a completely redesigned web browser IE11, as a basic tool for the construction of the system interface, as well as improved performance with tactile input on the touch screens. It turns out that not so long ago released Windows 8 platform is just two successor, one of which (Windows Blue), can come out this summer. Another successor, Windows 9, are most likely to appear as a finished product in November 2014, and the beta version – in January of that year.

Additionally, on the possibility of creating Windows 9 indicate new listings of jobs, where the company Microsoft indicates that Windows 9 is to be equipped with the new browser, Internet Explorer 11. On the other hand, we already know that the first assembly 11 can get IE already in the Windows Blue, though in beta status. In particular, one of the ads offers work “with advanced technology and services using tools Bing WinJS and HTML5, as well as work with Windows 9, the integration of IE11, sensor devices, including the iPad, and so on.” Continue reading

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