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pc supportTechnologies change faster than people have time to adapt.

One day you have the latest computer software and the very newest hardware and, less than half a year later, your computer parts and programs have been replaced by newer ones. Some programs automatically update, but in most cases you’ll need to upgrade by purchasing new.

Now, more and more companies are using the cloud to distribute their software. You pay a monthly or annual subscription to use the software and you lose access when you stop paying. The benefit is that you’ll automatically receive all updates, but the downside is that you’ll never actually own the software – you’re hiring it for a fee. Continue reading

SkypeAt Microsoft, told that the Skype software will go down in the standard package of the operating system Windows 8.1, when that will be supplied to the market.

Microsoft itself has bought Skype in 2011, but since then the giant sftverny quite carefully integrate Skype into their products, taking care not to cause any inconvenience. By far one of the most courageous steps for the integration is the introduction of Skype-functions in Outlook. In addition, before it became known that a significant part of the supporting server infrastructure Skype was moved to datacenters Microsoft.

“More than 300 million people now use Skype for work and communication, every day they exchanged small and big events in their lives, using the short messaging, audio and video. In Windows 8.1 Skype software will be included initially, that will make a new Windows-based device the best way to stay in touch, “– said Ryan Gavin, a spokesman for Microsoft. Continue reading

Future of Open Source SurveyIn DragonFly BSD KMS adds support for Intel graphics cards

Francois Tigeot reported on the implementation of KMS module to switch to video mode kernel DragonFly BSD. Code is integrated into the master-branch git-repository DragonFly BSD. Supported graphics cards on the chipset Intel i915.

The basis was taken code for FreeBSD, which has been ported to the kernel DragonFly BSD. In addition to the Francois, the development was also attended by Aggelos Economopoulos, Johannes Hofmann and Matthew Dillon. In particular, the mechanism has been implemented PAT Matt Dillon. KMS support is required to use the latest versions of video drivers from Intel, which has been removed support for switching video modes at the user level (UMS) and left only support KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) to switch video modes at the kernel level. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonMicrosoft Corp. today opened its corporate conference Build, which among others, announced presented the operating system Windows 8.1.

Strictly speaking, Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade for users of Windows 8, which will be released this fall. In the meantime, Microsoft has announced a preview version of Windows 8.1. A little later, the distribution should appear in the Windows Store, but for now only available 2GB ISO-files.

As said at Microsoft, preview version will be released in Arabic, English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Corporation also warns that the preview version – it’s an incomplete version and installing it is recommended only for informational purposes. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonWe continue to acquaint our readers with the news that Microsoft is going to include in the provisional version of Windows 8.1 Preview.

Yesterday on the MSDN-site became available Windows Server 2012 R2, due to which we can now imagine how in Windows 8.1 Preview will look “Start” button.

As we wrote yesterday, resulting in leakage of information became known, what are the system requirements will bring the OS Windows 8.1 Preview, and what new features will include, IE 11 is included in its composition. For the past day new details have emerged about the expected pre-release.

One of the most important features of Windows Server 2012 R2 – to add a button “Start” – also appears in the preview version of Windows 8.1 Preview. The button “Start” is always displayed when you use the desktop while in the mode of Metro, to see it, you must move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner.

Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonPreview version of Windows 8.1: innovation in IE 11 and System Requirements

A preliminary version of Windows 8.1 Preview officially debut on June 26, but due to leakage of information on the Internet have become aware of some details about the system requirements of the first major revision of Windows 8. In addition, there are reports that 8.1 will include the 11th edition browser Internet Explorer, which will offer Internet users a number of improvements.

A new collection of screenshots, recently admitted to the network, shows the system requirements for Windows 8.1 Preview – update, which is to say Microsoft, “works great on the same hardware as Windows 8.” Continue reading

Windows 8 vs Windows7The most discussed issue after the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the new Start screen with a modern user interface.

But Windows 8 is much more change is not just an updated interface. Let’s define what better Windows 8 or Windows 7.

The new operating system includes the basic improvements such as improved multi-monitor mode, the upgrading Windows Explorer, cloud synchronization, as well as new ways to personalize your desktop.

Windows 8 is different from Windows 7 in that it offers something new for everyone, from normal users who just want to process e-mail, browse the web and watch videos, to advanced users with special needs, such as the management of multiple external hard drive and reinstall Windows. Continue reading

IdeaPad U330 TouchChina’s Lenovo today unveiled a number of new laptops, working on the basis of the operating system Windows 8.

All new items are shown solutions for the consumer sector, moreover, the company claims that the new IdeaPad – it solutions for students that they can also get to the start of the new school year.

Globally, the company has not implemented in a new IdeaPad revolutionary innovations, but updated the stuffing, offering customers a modern computing and networking arsenal. For example, all new items received support chips Intel Haswell, as well as new graphics. Continue reading

Microsoft has released a study (PDF, 700 KB) system power consumption using popular web-browsers on Windows 8.

The estimation was made by measuring the energy consumption at the opening on the laptop and the desktop model scenarios with the popular web-resources, such as YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Amazone, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, etc.

The result is made, the conclusion that the power consumption is a leader in Internet Explorer 10, followed by Firefox 20 and Chrome 26 on the third. Moreover, if, discard features graphics scaling, the differences are not so great, and are a maximum of 1.2 W at a total consumption of desktops at 40 watts (2.5%) and a laptop at 16 watts (6%). Continue reading

Windows 8.1 preview soonMicrosoft has devoted a section of the official website of the Windows Upgrade Windows 8.1, placing it about its basic functions and features.

According to published information, the basic task of Windows 8.1 is to improve the functions required employees of different companies and businesses, “We have created a Windows 8 to the professionals had the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients and colleagues at any time and in any place. Windows 8.1 will provide you with new networking features, mobility and security, working on the most powerful platform designed specifically for today’s business, “- according to the website. Continue reading

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