Windows 8 EmbeddedMicrosoft today announced the immediate availability of the embedded operating system Windows 8 Embedded Pro and Standard.

Both of these new operating systems designed for use on the end of professional applications such as POS terminals, electronic boards, infoterminaly, car computers and t n Microsoft says that the new system is implemented with the modern concept of the so-called Internet of Things, when hundreds of thousands of electronic device can communicate directly with each other information without human intervention.

Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded, said that now many companies are increasingly integrating end devices in its core IT infrastructure, so these endpoints must not only fulfill their primary function, but also to support the work in corporate networks, to be able to communicate with popular products for the automation of business and other jobs.

According to him, Windows 8 Embedded Pro and Standard with one hand, all this provides, but on the other OS data also support and outdated standards, so they can work and are already in service products. Among other things, Windows 8 Embedded Pro Standard and used in support of the Windows 8 “tile” interface. Continue reading