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Windows 8 vs Windows7The most discussed issue after the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the new Start screen with a modern user interface.

But Windows 8 is much more change is not just an updated interface. Let’s define what better Windows 8 or Windows 7.

The new operating system includes the basic improvements such as improved multi-monitor mode, the upgrading Windows Explorer, cloud synchronization, as well as new ways to personalize your desktop.

Windows 8 is different from Windows 7 in that it offers something new for everyone, from normal users who just want to process e-mail, browse the web and watch videos, to advanced users with special needs, such as the management of multiple external hard drive and reinstall Windows. Continue reading

Windows 8 vs Windows7With the reign of Windows 7 in the era where mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become more of a necessity than a fad, should we go along and jump into the trend of mobility, with Windows 8?

Windows 7: The Cream of the Crop

According to critics, Window 7 is by far the best version of Windows that Microsoft has created. Why?

It has redefined how desktop computers should function. Not only had that it given a dramatic boost into the aesthetic department of the Windows platform, but also in the aspect of speed and functionality. Windows 7 is perfect in its own ways. Over the course of time, software developers managed to port almost all software and games into this operating system; making it the ultimate platform in all aspects, may it be gaming, programming or multimedia. Continue reading

Windows 7 SP1Microsoft starts automated deployment service pack Windows 7 SP1 on user PCs

According to the company Microsoft, all users of Windows 7, not yet installed the Service Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1) on your computer, in the very near future will these updates automatically. Automatic updating of Windows 7 SP1 starts from today and will last several weeks.

It should be noted that the ability to deploy Windows 7 SP1 via Automatic Update service was first provided users with more than two years.

However, to date from customers require permission to install the new version. “Now, install the service pack will be implemented in a fully automatic mode without any user – said Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc. All you need to do owner of the computer is to enable the service for automatic updates and make sure there is 750-1050 megabytes of free space on your hard disk. Those people who, for one reason or another want to avoid updating the operating system, should be a mechanism to disable Automatic Update. Continue reading

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