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WiSee TechnologyAnnounced a new management system technology through Wi-Fi network. Specialists of the Washington University have developed a rather interesting system. Gesture recognition through Wi-Fi: a smart home can be a reality.

The team of the developers has designed WiSee technology which recognizes gestures with the help of Wi-Fi. The project was logically called “WiSee”. The system registers the change in the frequency of the wireless signal and converts it to commands.

The Washington University developers offer to refuse from the use of the remotes at home and control all electronic devices with the help of simple and understandable gestures. It is announced that the users will be able to control electronics and household appliances with a swift gesture in any room of the house. Continue reading

Windows 8.1 will use standard MiracastMicrosoft Inc., worried the release of his first update to the operating system, Windows 8, has already submitted earlier list included changes that affect mostly on the appearance of the OS and the tile interface.

At this time, the company announced the functional features of Windows 8.1, one of which will be to support standard wireless transmission of multimedia signals – Miracast. Continue reading

Wi-FiWi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) – is the standard on the equipment for the broadband radio communication intended for the organization of the local wireless networks (Wireless LAN).

Wireless security should be given special consideration. Because wi-fi is a wireless network and, moreover, with a large range.

Accordingly, an attacker can intercept information, or to attack your network, from a safe distance.

Fortunately there are now many different ways to protect and with proper settings can be sure to provide the necessary level of security. Continue reading

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