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free public wifiWalk into any Starbucks, McDonald’s or the snack bar at the local public grocery store and you are certain to find people working on their laptops taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi these businesses offer. While this is a convenient (and free) way to access the web, it may not be the safest.

That’s because whenever you log onto a free Wi-Fi hot spot, you are using an unsecure connection. Everything you do – the sites you browse, the log-ins and passwords you type in, and the messages you send and receive – can easily be viewed by somebody with even the tiniest amount of hacking skills.

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere these days, making it incredibly handy. But to keep your information safe and your computer secure, it’s important that you be careful whenever you use it. Continue reading

Most home and business Wi-Fi networks are protected from unauthorized access with a strong password. This means that a user who has forgotten the complex code word may be in a difficult situation. In some cases you will WirelessKeyView application of Nir Sofer (Nir Sofer), well-known developer of utilities for Windows. With the proposed tool, you can quickly and easily retrieve the information you need directly from “memory” of the operating system.
The proposed small utility allows you to recover passwords to the networks that are protected by mechanisms WEP / WPA. For the storage of this information on your computer meets the system service Wireless Zero Configuration (system based on Windows XP) or the WLAN AutoConfig  (Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 8, as well as Windows Server 2008).

All you have to do is run a free portable application as administrator. The utility automatically collects all the information about the settings, Wi-Fi network, and to store all the keys found in a separate file (a text document, HTML or XML), or copy a single key to the clipboard. Continue reading

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