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AndroidIt’s all fun and games until it’s not a game, and Balloon Pop 2 is a woeful game but it is an excellent theft mechanism.

Balloon Pop 2 was likely developed by the same individuals who operate and control WhatsAppCopy.com.

This spyware application will steal the messaging history of the popular WhatsApp messaging service and upload the stolen information to WhatsAppCopy.com.

Since the malicious activity of this application was discovered the Balloon Pop 2 game has been removed from the Google Play market. Anyone who may still have this application installed on their device would be wise to remove it immediately. Continue reading

Google I/OOn Wednesday May 15, 2013 Google already for the sixth time opened the Google I/O corporate conference for the developers.

This time, take part in the three-day event brought together more than 6,000 third-party developers, as well as nearly 1,000 journalists from around the world. Investors also expect a lot from us. On this day, at the opening of trading in U.S. securities Google for the first time in history have overcome the barrier of $ 900 per share.

Google capitalization now exceeds $ 300 billion, down $ 400 billion from Apple, but the two companies are now moving in opposite directions. Continue reading

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