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Top Web DeveloperVital tips for business about how to hire top web developer. Using them you don’t lose.

Finding and hiring a professional web developer is always a daunting task. It is a crucial factor in your business because this executor will be responsible for creating an online presence of your company and will develop interactions with your potential customers.

Therefore, it is exceptionally important to make right steps in your first attempt of hiring a web developer, otherwise your business can run into a risk and you will waste time and money, seeking a replacement. Continue reading

web designChoosing a top web designer can be overwhelming considering the high number of web design companies.

Many times, clients fall into the hands of unprofessional web designers, and they get disappointed because they end up paying for substandard services. But even more serious is the fact that their business reputations suffer irreparable damage.

In this article, we tell you things that are likely to go wrong during the selection process as well as how you can steer clear of them. Remember that choosing a wrong designer can have serious consequences on your business. Continue reading

Modern IEIt has recently become available the new service Microsoft – Modern IE, designed for web developers and their customers. With Modern.ie can quickly check the site for compliance with modern web standards, and to evaluate the correctness of his work on multiple platforms and browsers.

Furthermore Modern.ie makes recommendations that will fix the most serious compatibility issues and greatly increase the comfort of use.

According to Ryan Gavin, director of Internet Explorer, Modern.ie was created primarily to facilitate the work of developers and save them from further difficulties in the process of testing sites. Another, equally urgent task is to maximize comfort of Internet users, regardless of what device, platform or browser they preferred.

Modern.ie actually performs three tasks Developer: identify common errors and compatibility problems of older versions of Internet Explorer and find the means to correct them, to test the website on different browsers and devices without the need for immediate use, as well as to adapt the site to maximize the use of these devices include the Windows 8 and touchscreen. Continue reading

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