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Open SourceDevelopers declared a desktop environment of Hawaii achievement by the project of a condition of suitability to use.

Developers desktop environment Hawaii announced of a condition of suitability to use. According to the developers with the shell already can begin experimenting users.

Within the Hawaii project it is created new lightweight a desktop environment, Qt5 developed with use and the QtQuick 2 technologies, and based on Wayland protocol use. Initially, the project is developing its own, using the achievements Wayland, composite server Green Island, but eventually given the opportunity to work full-time, and on top of the composite server Weston. Additionally, the project developed: a file manager Swordfish, system configurator manager to work with files, terminal emulator, image viewer and manager EyeSight login. Continue reading

WaylandCarsten Haitzler, Rasterman, founder and leader of the project Enlightenment, announced the decision to use Wayland as a future display subsystem components for desktop environment Enlightenment.

In this case, stated that the Enlightenment developers are currently no plans for supporting the display server Mir, as this project has not yet gone beyond the concept of the prototype and its viability is difficult to assess.

Some time ago the Enlightenment project has already begun work on adaptation for Wayland and intends to continue it. Support for high-grade work surface Wayland display server for over a year there in libraries EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Library), the components of which are the basis of the project Enlightenment. Wayland has over can work using EFL client applications based both on Widget Ready Elementary, and the low-level API Ecore-Evas. When Running Wayland supported drawing with sharing Shared-memory buffers and using OpenGL ES2, input mechanisms used Wayland, supported by resizing and moving windows, window decorations done on the client side. Work on creation of Enlightenment full composite based server Wayland. Continue reading

GNOMEMatthias Clasen, a developer of GNOME company Red Hat, presented a plan for implementation of support Wayland in GNOME. According to the plan, the initial support Wayland will appear in GNOME 3.10, which is scheduled for this fall, and a full-featured job over GNOME Wayland expected to release 3.12, which will be released in the spring of 2014.

In GNOME 3.10 the default is still to use X-server, but will be added to the optional ability to run shell GNOME Shell as a composite server Wayland, which will be provided to support the basic interfaces that are identical to the reference composite server Weston. At the same time will be brought to readiness for daily use Wayland backend to GTK +. Wayland support in GNOME 3.10 will be positioned as an experimental feature, ready for the initial examination, but do not cover all the components of GNOME (eg, more funds will not be available display configurations, the stack for the work of people with disabilities and tablet support Wacom).

Mechanisms of GNOME and GTK +, requiring a separate refinement for operation in Wayland, observed: work with the clipboard, setting the parameters of the screen, Drag-and-Drop, input methods and handle keyboard, pop-ups, advanced window decoration. As for applications, it is now from 68 basic programs Wayland support is present in 35 applications, 26 programs require additional porting, 7 programs have not yet been verified. To run regular applications do not support working over Wayland, will be involved component XWayland, allowing to provide the usual run X11-applications on top of Wayland. Continue reading

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