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internet threatsInternet has always been the most important part of our day to day activities. Internet has become inevitable for every sphere of life, thus creating a space of comfort and saving a lot of time.

When Internet was under the initial phase of development, the designers did not anticipate that the network users would be the source of malware attacks and hence did not think of working on it to protect genuine users from the online frauds.

The vulnerability has become a permanent design flaw that has been found from the day the internet has come into existence. The failure was exploited by the bogus users destroying thousands of systems thereby bringing in a million dollar damage. Internet makers are thus responsible for such a design flaw causing such a vulnerability over the network. Continue reading

Open SourceDevelopers X.Org reported identifying 30 vulnerabilities affecting various client libraries X11, as well as the components of DRI-Mesa.

The problems are due to lack of proper validation transferred within the X11 protocol data sets and manifest themselves as going beyond the boundaries of the buffer and integer overflows when processing your request correctly.

Many of the vulnerabilities allow to activate a code on the side of the X-client interaction with the server controlled by the attacker. Because the client and the server in most cases are performed on the same machine under the same user or server is running with higher privileges identified vulnerabilities do not pose much danger. However, they may threaten configurations when privileged client connects to a non-privileged third-party server (for example, setuid X-client connects to a virtual X-server such as Xvfb and Xephyr). Continue reading

GAME ENGINES VULNERABILITIESIndependent specialists in IT security have found serious vulnerabilities in software engines of some very popular games, first person shooters.

Identified bugs allow an attacker to compromise a serveroy operators of games, and computers themselves gamers.

Security experts Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante of the company Revuln found faults in the subsystem with computer memory and the possibility to exchange buffer overflow in such developments as the CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine 3, Hydrogen Engine and id Tech 4. On the basis of these engines run games such as “Quake 4,” “Crysis 2,” “Homefront,” “Brink,” “Monday Night Combat,” “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”, “Sanctum”, “Breach,” ” Nexuiz “and many others. Continue reading

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