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Business Phone SystemsAn excellent and effective business phone system is the prerequisite of every modern business. If you are looking to buy a business phone for your company then there are three really important questions to address:

1. Is there a need to buy a full office phone system, including physical phones? Or your business can manage with the virtual phone system that would depend on the cellphones?

2. What are your service expectations? You will have to choose between the traditional telephone service (offered by local phone company) or VoIP that operates over the internet?

3. If you are opting for the VoIP system then do you want to have an on-premises system or are you open to using hosted service (cloud-based)?

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What is a Softphone?

SoftphoneA softphone, or a software telephone is a system application that allows Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connections from different computing devices.

In a company, softphones are at times referred to as soft clients. Several softphone application systems work together with a microphone and headset. Typically, a special VoIP phone, which is oftentimes called a hardphone, operates through the use of a device which is called analog telephone adaptor, like a Magicjack. This adaptor allows VoIP calling from a regular telephone handset. Continue reading

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