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Bitcoin ExchangeHave you ever heard of “Bitcoin”? They are a virtual currency that is used from the beginning of 2009 with open source.

Individual Bitcoin is calculated as cryptographic keys in a peer-to-peer networks.

It is one of their main advantages, since these keys can not be tampered with due to their unique characteristics.

Bitcoins, however, are similar to the regular currency. Virtual coins are simply stored on the media (such as hard drive, online storage or USB drive), but not in the wallet. As with any file on your hard drive, the one who has access to the media, also has access to your Bitcoins – like an open wallet lying anywhere. Continue reading

BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin shows the auction surprising volatility, undermining the credibility of potential major investors who are interested in her last weeks.

Today in the world’s largest exchange Bitcoin-platform virtual currency exchange rate against the dollar fell by 46% – from 230 to 123.40 dollars for 1 bitcoin.

Recall that in the last couple of weeks, the virtual currency exchange rate rose by almost 500%. Early in the year for 1 bitcoin gave about $ 15, while the end of February rate rose to 30 dollars in the last couple of days, he has soared to more than $ 200 for one virtual currency. Continue reading

Virtual money BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin, the prospects of a doubt, many experts, is starting to gain real weight in the world.

One sign of this was the proposal to sell the house for virtual money: according to company BBC, the inhabitant of Canada offered the house for sale, having designated the sum in Canadian dollars and in currency Bitcoin (BTC).

Taylor More, who offers to buy its house for virtual currency, explains his decision official requirements: currency Bitcoin he needed some projects with which he is currently working. In the end, More is ready to give its house with a plot area of ​​145 hectare (3.6 acres) or a 405 thousand Canadian dollars (now the Canadian dollar is approximately equal to the U.S.), or for an equivalent amount in bitcoins. The current rate of digital currency is about 69.65 U.S. dollars per 1 bitcoin. Continue reading

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