GFI SoftwareThe company GFI Software has just released a report VIPRE for January 2013. The study mainly focused on cyber-attacks that damage the lives of users of popular social networks Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. In general, the data show, the attack is made to fool the people and pull out their money.

Among the most interesting scam that spread on Facebook in January 2013, the experts call the one in which users sent out a message notifying that their accounts “violate certain rules of behavior in Facebook”. After that, the victims were requested to submit their information in Facebook, including login and some personal information.

On Twitter has also launched a nasty scam. Attackers send out direct messages to notify users that they are subject to the nasty messages. Those clacking on the link leading to the messages of the false page Twitter, where they were asked to re-enter the site. Next followed the attackers thumb scheme and angling of the clients personal information. Continue reading