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Media player Miro ScreenshotAfter one year of development release Miro 6.0 is available, combining in one application, music player, video player, convert media formats and platform for downloading, creating and distributing your own video (Internet TV), based on technologies Mozilla (XUL Runner) and VLC.

In Miro integrated BitTorrent-Client, there are tools for synchronization with portable devices based on the platform Android, an organization supported streaming in the local network, implemented tools for viewing and publishing information in the popular online services such as YouTube, Google Video and Dailymotion. Continue reading

Open SourceEnlightenment project presented a terminal emulator with integrated PDF viewer and video player

A new version of the terminal emulator Terminology 0.3, developing project Enlightenment and remarkable integration of support for viewing content, including video, images, SVG-files, PDF-documents. The program uses a minimum of dependencies, and it requires only the presence of EFL libraries and libc. It works with X11, Wayland and using framebuffer (fbcon). To adapt the touch screen controls.

Terminal Emulator supports most escape-sequences xterm and rxvt, including Xterm extensions to display 256 colors. You can specify a transparent background, and the output as the wallpaper bitmap and vector images. Continue reading

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