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Latest Video Game News There are the first details of Battlefield 4 Battlelog

Battlelog – a free social platform for fans of Battlefield, which allows you to meet people, compete with them and plan their battles to the browser. Battlefield 4 Battlelog knows all of the above and a little more.

Today, developers have shown a trailer that describes the main features of this platform.

The main idea of ​​the new Battlelog – adding to the game of mobile devices. Now you can log on from your tablet or mobile phone, as long as, for example, waiting for a bus after work and you will have some free time away from the computer. Here you can select the appropriate server, check your arsenal of weapons and stats, and then when you finally get to the computer, then everything will be ready to start the game. Also from the plate, you can make an extra monitor for Battlefield 4. The best way of using it – is to create a mini-map of your mobile device. Continue reading

Trailer Bioshock InfiniteOf course, you could not play the original game of Bioshock, but you’ve certainly heard about it. One of the most interesting shooter with a specific atmosphere and full-blooded plot was staying at the top of the rankings for several months in 2007.

Today we have a chance to try a new masterpiece of developers – Bioshock Infinite – a game with a completely different atmosphere and characters, but this game is for sure all the same incredible. Our review of Bioshock Infinite will introduce you to the magic of this amazing project. Continue reading

Tomb Raider 2013Game Tomb Raider – the creation of the studio masters Crystal Dynamics, who created the popular series of games about Lara Croft – young and beautiful the researcher secret caves, marine debris and mythical ancient temples.

Once again, this, still young but bold and courageous person goes in search of adventure, mystery and discovery. Ship, in which Lara rushes to the Japanese islands, suffers a sudden collapse.

Water element, which plays no small role and is used in almost all parts of the Tomb Raider series spares no one, and the girl miraculously escapes. Waking up in an unknown island, half-rotten skeletons of ships, she is left alone with the dangers and trials that she is preparing a terrible place.

Tomb Raider game will force the player to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the gameplay, feel all the emotions and feelings experienced by the young person, which happened in the world untouched. The struggle for survival, the search for food and water – these are the main basis of the game. Developers translate plot series in a new direction – now she archaeologist is not fighting for the treasures and artifacts, and for his life. And that you are called to help her with that!

Square Enix published the official system requirements for the game Tomb Raider on PC.

Version for desktops developed in collaboration with the studio Nixxes, and no difference, of course, has not done. Thus, the expected “full optimization” game as well as impressively improved graphics – as opposed to the console counterparts. Continue reading

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