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Video ConferencingEvery passing day in the business world, companies are trying to find the most effective ways to save costs whilst they increase their productivity.

For most companies, staff time, travelling for meetings or other official matters are the biggest drain on finances.

The introduction of video conferencing has provided companies with a cheaper and more effective way of communicating with customers, suppliers and employees. In the global economy we may regularly need to communicate with people in far away places. Continue reading

Conference RoomThere is nothing as irritating as attending a meeting in a conference room that has a poor display. You struggle to follow presentations and this impedes your ability to make contributions.

It is even worse when you are a guest in the conference room. You keep wondering why the company could not have just sprung for a better display for the sake of clients, partners and anyone who ends up using the conference room for a meeting. Continue reading

VoIP vs SkypeAfter the introduction of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, there has been a spectacular development of telecommunication technology.

The VoIP technology now allows transmission and receipt of audio signals by using Internet as a gateway, instead of using the conventional analog communication lines.

Talking about communication, Skype has been one of the most popular and recognized service providers of VoIP, which comes up with a lot of value added features. Continue reading

Unified CommunicationsUnified communication is the latest technology that’s facilitating the creation of an advanced communication infrastructure for organizations.

It is the only technology that is offering the best of several communication technologies in a combined fashion. For instance it is a melange of email, instant messaging, telephone services and video conferencing.

Several company owners and top level management personnel are aware of Unified Communication but they do not know about the actual benefits by it. Organizations that implement UC are able to avail both real-time as well as non real-time communication by using a single solution. Continue reading

Video conferencingThere are many benefits that come along with video conferencing technology. While these benefits continue to mount, though, adoption of this near-miraculous technology continues to move at a snail’s pace.

As earnings are not meeting projections, and adoption of the technology continues to move more slowly than expected, it would seem that the issue is not with the technology itself but rather with perceptions of that technology, and work habits surrounding it. Nearly every employee already has a smartphone or tablet that can make a video call, or has a webcam on their computer — yet they still choose to not use these productivity tools. Continue reading

OmniJoinNext-Gen Web Conferencing Solution Released: OmniJoinTM From Brother®

The success of virtually any business depends on the efficiency of communication, the speed of making decisions, and timely adaptation to a rapidly changing world. Continue reading

Video ConferencingThe last few months have experienced great development in the internet technology. One of the major developments is the introduction of TrueConf Server 4.0 by TrueConf.

This is a new version of TrueConf video conferencing server that can administer the video conferencing server by utilizing any web browser. This provides you an opportunity to manage the VCS (Video Conferencing Server) from any operating system or device from any part of the world. Continue reading

Web ConferencingIn tough economic times, almost every business organization has realized the importance of adapting to changing trends and consumer feedback.

Thus, regular interaction with people responsible for a company’s success is necessary. About twenty years ago, regular interactions were only possible when managers hopped from one office to another.

This was not only time consuming, but also increased expenses. However, new technology has advanced and given a chance to interact with everyone while utilizing minimum resources. With just a basic internet connection, business organizations can set up meetings, with high-quality audio, video and images. Continue reading

Video ConferencingWith the rise of technology, companies have seen a lot of changes in the way business is done.

Thanks to the internet, many people are now able to work from remote locations rather than having to go into the office every day, and businesses themselves have been able to diversify and grow with much more ease, including taking their offices to different parts of the world. From these changes, businesses have also seen the rise of video conferencing as a method of communication.

Simply put, video conferencing makes use of computer networks so that people can conduct meetings from these remote locations, allowing them to see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. It has been growing and growing in popularity, to the point that companies such as Regus have incorporated it into the property packages they provide. Video conferencing offers some great advantages that businesses would do well to consider. Continue reading

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