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Open source newsThe following is a selection of our open source news roundup.

MidnightBSD 0.5 has been released on September 22, 2014

After years of development available to release a desktop-oriented operating system MidnightBSD 0.5.0, based on FreeBSD with elements ported from DragonFly BSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. Basic desktop environment built on GNUstep, but users have the option to install WindowMaker or Xfce 4. prepared to load the installation image, the size of 737 MB. Continue reading

Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderCanonical is constantly on the try to make the actual Ubuntu server release faster and more flexible in cloud environments.

The most recent edition of the Linux distribution, which is to be available for downloading October 17, includes a faster installation software in addition to an up to date compact package technological innovation that can identical copy new environments faster.

The overall performance enhancements in Ubuntu 13.10, code-named Saucy Salamander, are actually “part of the strategy to make sure that Ubuntu gets to be the most effective environment regarding developing, diagnostic tests, and operating production products and services in a cloud. Speed is actually a type of factors most people measure,” mentioned Mark Baker, Ubuntu server as well as cloud product or service director. Continue reading

Ubuntu Precise PangolinUbuntu development team has introduced an updated version of the long-term support for Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (Desktop, Server, Cloud and Core editions).

Version 12.04.3 includes an updated kernel for the x86 architecture and graphics stack for newly installed systems. As usual, the release contains many fixes, updated installation images that would reduce the volume of downloaded updates after installation, including fixes for serious bugs and security updates that are aimed at maintaining the stability and compatibility of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. At the same time presents similar update Kubuntu 12.04.3 LTS, Edubuntu 12.04.3 LTS, Xubuntu 12.04.3 LTS, Mythbuntu 12.04.3 LTS and Ubuntu Studio 12.04.3 LTS.

Previously installed systems can get all of the changes in Ubuntu 12.04.3 via standard pattern updates. As promised the developers, support issues updates and security fixes for both server and desktop editions of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will continue until April 2017. Continue reading

Project EdgeIn Canonical said that despite the death of Project Edge, which never came into existence, the company is still set to innovation and believes that it is “advanced mobile innovations” will be decisive for the next few years.

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, said that before the start of production of the project Edge smartphone gleaning $19 million, but the team of programmers working for Canonical and focused on mobile technology, will continue to design the Ubuntu-like software for smartphones and tablets. She also noted that the company will work hard to ensure that Ubuntu users get the best of the three operating systems – Linux, Android and Windows to work in the daily routine. Continue reading

Ubuntu logoThe company Canonical has published a report with details of the recent hacker attack on the Ubuntu forums, which resulted in the attackers took control of the credentials of the 1.8 million users.

“On July 14, 2013 the malefactor managed to get access to the account of one of the forum moderators. This was a moderator right to post on the forum announcements, which may contain HTML-code “, – the report says.

Swindler posted on the forum announcement with malicious JavaScript-insert, and then sent private messages to three forum administrators, reporting the alleged server’s error on the page of announcements. One of the administrators decided to check the announcements page, found nothing suspicious and said false moderator personal message. Subsequently, an attacker logged on as an administrator, having received full access to the ambiance of vBulletin. Continue reading

Ubuntu logoMark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical Ltd, said that Mir – developed by a new display server, which is planned as a replacement window system X Window System, is almost ready for release.

Mir technology will be included in the next version of the distribution Ubuntu Linux, which promised the fans of the operating system in October of this year.

The company Canonical Ltd announced the planned release of Mir in March, triggering a high-profile and discontent in the community, especially from developers Wayland – alternative and competing composite window manager, which has already managed to get support a few Linux distributions. Continue reading

Display Server MirAfter spending two weeks with Mir, you wll wonder why you didn’t employ its use sooner.

Mir runs very smoothly all-Intel Dell XPS laptops. Mir ensures that the speed in which Saucy changes increases and newer versions of Compiz and X land while Mir is still running. As compared to the direct handling of the hardware using X, you would discover that Xorg and Compiz require fewer CPU cycles and also utilize less memory.

This is not uncommon, the Mir team assures. Others have come to the same conclusion. The success of it is attributed to the efficiency in the buffering of requests leading to the hardware. An intended update to the PPA is projected to deal with any glitches that arise in Chromium. This should solve ensure the GPU is in top form. Continue reading

Ubuntu Precise PangolinThe company Canonical Ltd announced details of the vulnerability of the program Raptor, included in the distribution Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin.

As stated by Canonical, applications that use the Raptor, are at risk of violation of privacy sensitive data or run unwanted software when the user logs into the system, if they open a specially crafted file.

Developers Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin found that when the above actions Raptor program is unintentionally to load external XML-being. If a user opens a specially crafted document in the application that is bound to Raptor, hackers can gain access to arbitrary files in the operating system or execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user calling program. Continue reading

Ubuntu Saucy SalamanderThe Ubuntu project has announced the availability of the alpha version 13.10. Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, Lubuntu 13.10 and Kubuntu 13.10 is available for download.

Ubuntu Linux developers have announced the start of the alpha test release 13.10 “Saucy Salamander”.

Under the new development plan, has already been tested in the preparation of Ubuntu 13.04, individual alpha build will not be formed, instead of testing is offered daily use experimental assembly.

Finished test images created just for Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Kubuntu. The beta version of Ubuntu 13.10, scheduled for September 26, will be formed as a complete assembly. The release is scheduled for October 17. Continue reading

Linux OS distributions

Linux FreedomToday, there is a huge amount of distributions OS Linux. All distributions can be divided into two categories: the highly specialized (eg for use on routers), and designed for mainstream users.

As of today there are several hundred versions of Linux and they keep popping up every day. Such diversity was possible only thanks to the concept of free software. Establishment of its versions are engaged as individual fans, and large companies that sponsor the create and maintenance of the new distributions. Continue reading

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