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Microsoft Digital Crimes UnitMicrosoft unit to fight cybercrime Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit announced the beginning of Operation against botnet Citadel and related cybercrime group.

Special operation also includes a campaign to clean up infected by this Trojan computers. The operation is codenamed b54 and implemented by the company together with the FBI, ISP providers and the various CERT teams around the world. The goal is to disrupt coordinated action botnets and attackers who receive financial benefit from them.

After obtaining a warrant, the company has executed a special operation by disabling more than 1,400 active botnets Citadel, which included the physical removal of the server infrastructure. Continue reading

McAfee Threats Report

Antivirus company McAfee released a report on threats to Q4 2012. According to the report, the focus shifted to sophisticated attacks: previously had threatened the financial industry, and now the scammers are becoming increasingly interested in other important areas of economic activity.

In the attack uses a range of new tactics and technologies that bypass the security standards in the industry. Continue reading

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