Bitdefender total security 2013BitDefender Total Security 2013 – integrated tool to detect malicious programs. Total Security additionally provides file encryption, online backup and more! He copes with all kinds of viruses.

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 now has a user-friendly interface and requires half the time to install than previous editions. New tools included in the Total Security 2013 includes SafePay, a virtual browser that protects your credit card when you go shopping and online banking. The new version of the cloud safe allows you to backup, transfer and synchronize files between your PCs (such as desktop and laptop).

Key features BitDefender Total Security 2013:

– Antivirus protection. The three levels of detection: signature method, heuristic analysis in a virtual environment (B-Have) and monitoring the behavior of already running processes (Active Virus Control, Active Virus Control). Allows you to monitor and block attempts to access programs to the registry and running scripts on web-sites; Continue reading