DrupalDrupal.org has been hacked, the user base has been compromised

Developers popular platform for web-content management Drupal reported the incident, which resulted in the break-in was committed servers, serving a web-site of the project and a discussion platform groups.drupal.org.

As a result of the attack intruders managed to learn some access to the user Drupal.org, which has about a million accounts, including personal data of users and hashed passwords.

It is reported that the leak is not ruled out other project data, but the parameters of credit card users do not place the broken server, so they are getting into the wrong hands is assessed as unlikely. In theory on a compromised server could be organized logger card numbers showing the interception of such facts were revealed. Also, fear not cause the integrity of the code base Drupal, since it is easy to verify by checking the content of external repositories. Continue reading