Tesla S Electric CarThe company Tesla Motors has announced a major change in its model range: Electric Car – Tesla S will no longer be available in the base price of 52,400 U.S. dollars.

However, those who ordered the basic package to the announcement, will receive their cars, but it will be an older version, but with a cut-down features – restrictions will be set programmatically in firmware of the car.

So far, Tesla brand offers the only model of the car Tesla S in two versions that differ, in fact, only the battery. Junior model was equipped with a battery of 40 kW ∙ h and provided mileage up to 250 km on one full charge. Older model, the price of 10,000 dollars more, the battery is equipped with a 60 kW ∙ h, suggesting the customers already run up to 370 km. Producers decided to reduce the price of production, switching to a single complete set of Tesla S, as the younger version chosen, only 4% of buyers. Continue reading