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Business Broadband

If a homeowner is shackled to a telecommunications or internet service which is not fit for purpose, it can be a daily annoyance.

But for businesses, a similar situation is significantly more problematic, because if inadequate connectivity causes productivity to take a hit then you can also anticipate plunges in sales and the reputation of the company as a whole.

Many organisations may be sticking with a broadband and telephone package that does not meet their requirements because they fear that changing to a different provider will be an even greater headache. But the reality is that the switchover process is actually straightforward, with regulations in place to ensure that there are minimal hiccups. There are still a few hoops that you have to jump through and some things to keep in mind when picking a new provider and deal, so here is a look at the best way to go about changing your broadband and telephone service operator. Continue reading

Business Telephone SystemsFor a business to operate effectively it needs to have access to reliable, resilient communications systems which are not only robust enough to function normally for as long as possible, but also easy to maintain when faults inevitably occur.

Most companies cannot dedicate a permanent team to managing and addressing issues with a telephone system on site, which could lead to disruption in the event of an emergency. This makes it practical to outsource maintenance to a third party provider.

Responsiveness should be an important asset for any telephone maintenance provider, but business customers must make sure that any company they choose to use for this purpose is able to deliver on its promises and address system issues in a timely fashion. Here is a look at the serious consequences which might arise from choosing a provider that is not responsive and how you can benefit from one which is equipped to excel in high pressure scenarios. Continue reading

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