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Tech Predictions 2015In 2014, we’ve seen some exciting new technologies leave their mark, but what’s next for the industry? What Technology Can We Expect From 2015?

Things are being created on a daily basis. And, because it happens so gradually, we almost don’t realise just how far technology has come in recent years. Let’s think about it for a minute. At the turn of the millennium, very few people had flat screen TVs – instead they were huge space eaters which were almost as deep as they were wide. Continue reading

Amazon droneDrone technology is taking to another level with in great grandeur and style.

It is coming from a corner you least expected. Well, at least not in the approach that Amazon has taken. Have you ever visualized how it would be like to receive your deliveries from an unmanned drone?

It’s not a prank and so you better believe it. This was in a bid to transform its service delivery and it was in joined efforts with Jeffery Bezos, a Washington post owner. Continue reading

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