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Break a LaptopWhether you’re young or old, you’ve likely heard of the Darwin Awards.

This tongue in cheek fictitious awards are given posthumously to those who were so negligent or stupid as to depart this world in the most unusual of ways.

That said, isn’t it time we incorporate these awards to those devoid of brain when choosing to destroy or break social media platforms through their laptops, iPads, tablet or mobile devices? Let’s take a look at what we found. Continue reading

New Linux-platform Tizen 2.0Tizen 2.0 – a new Linux-platform for mobile devices

The developers of the operating system based on Linux Tizen for smartphones, tablets, automotive systems and other equipment with control via touch screen, has officially released the source code of the system and development tools for third-party software and hardware.

Release Tizen 2.0, created with active participation from Intel and Samsung, offers third-party vendors standardized environment where applications can be created using familiar web technologies: HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Of the other new platform Tizen 2.0 offers a number of new APIs API to access the Bluetooth and NFC on devices equipped with such units. In addition, significantly improved developer tools. At the moment there is no serial devices running Tizen, but there is a lot of speculation about the likely release of such devices at the facilities of Samsung. Continue reading

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