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Open Source HardwareParallella, Supercomputer the size of a credit card, and passed into the category of Open Hardware.

Adapteva company announced a further development of the design of the project board Parallella as Open Source Hardware.

All related documentation and Parallella scheme now available on GitHub is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA, source code FPGA HDL and software components, including drivers and SDK for developing parallel applications in C and C taking advantage of OpenCL, published under license GPLv3 / LGPLv3.

Information reflects the latest version of the board, which will soon be put into production. The first 6300 copies of the summer will be sent to users,  who have funded the development on Kickstarter. Continue reading

Exascale computingAt present, the world’s fastest supercomputer is a machine working at the Oak Ridge National Physical Laboratory in the U.S. state of Tennessee.

Supercomputer created by company Cray has a capacity of 18 petaflop / s. These are the findings of the latest ranking Top500, updated in November last year. The rating now preparing to upgrade.

As reported by a number of publications in the June ranking leader, apparently, again take China, which had previously led the list. Earlier in the PRC program was announced in the direction of motion exascale systems, and now China is ahead of Europe and Japan. Continue reading

IBM WatsonIBM’s Watson supercomputer power has increased

IBM is the first to show its supercomputer Watson over a year ago, when he took part in the game show Jeopardy. After Watson defeated other participants, IBM said that they see a bright future on the computer in medicine.

After participating in Jeopardy, IBM engineers have begun further improvement Watson, and began to load in this machine health information to Watson became the world’s first supercomputer, able to diagnose patients in the hospital.

As described in the IBM, since, as Watson took part in Jeopardy, the power of this machine has grown by 240%, in addition, since the memory Watson have been downloaded about 600,000 medical databases, 1.5 million medical diagnoses, about 2,000,000 articles from medical articles and nearly 1,500 records of patients with lung cancer.

All these data supercomputer to be “digested” and on the basis of their neuron-like architecture, learn how to set reasonable and plausible diagnoses for patients transferring to Watson any background information. In IBM also said that since the Jeopardy several advanced logic algorithm Watson, so he spent less computational resources for multi-dimensional analysis of input data. Continue reading

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