Microsoft WindowsAround the middle of 2013 will be released a major upgrade of Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue, which is intended to make changes that can increase the interest in the new operating system, according to InfoQ.

One such change is the ability to include a standard “Start” menu to which users are accustomed to from previous versions of the. In Windows 8 “Start” menu screen has been replaced by the “Start” with the large “live” tiles that display information in real time from an application. However, according to some observers, the new screen is inconvenient to control the mouse on the laptop or desktop PC without touch screen.

According to Net Applications, Windows 8 users share is growing, but not very fast. In February 2013, it had 2.67% of the market of desktop platforms, which is slightly higher than the January result of 2.26%. For comparison, the share of Windows 7 is 44.55%, and Windows XP – 38,99%.

According to observers, the output of Windows Blue increase the interest in Windows 8 PC ownership among those who still prefer to stay on Windows 7. In addition, the update will remove the interface elements that interfere in the work, which should increase interest in the operating system by corporate clients. Continue reading