Open SourceBackports repository integrated into the main archive of Debian packages

Developers of service, and which succeeds in forming packages with latest version for the already released versions distro Debian, announced the achievement of significant milestones in the development of a new service – backports repository is now included in the official repository of packages Debian.

Thus, the repositories wheezy-backports, squeeze-backports and squeeze-backports-sloppy now available as part of the basic package pools, whereas before it spread apart.

Adding Backports packages with new versions will now be similar to the addition of conventional packages within the main download queue using a single set of verification keys that simplify the work of developers, maintainers backporting. A positive aspect is also an involvement for delivery backports main mirror network project. Wheezy for users associated with backporting infrastructure changes require changes file sources.list – the connection string wheezy-backports should be brought into the form: “deb http_:// wheezy-backports main”, i.e. instead of “debian-backports” now is specified the main archive “debian”. Continue reading