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THE PARENTAL MONITORING APPLICATIONSAs a parent, how many times have you been driven crazy with envy whenever you watched Harry Potter with your child and have seen the Marauder’s Mao come up on the screen?

How many times have you wished that you could have a map just like that one at your disposal – A map that can give you the ability to see where your children are at any given time?

That whether they are at school or not. Whether if they are in class or not or have they decided to skip their class altogether on that day. Whether they are at the mall or at their friend’s place with their friend or if there are boys involved or vice versa in the situation. Continue reading

MobiSpyMobiSpy (Topspy) provides control of calls and SMS-messages on mobile devices

MobiSpy (Topspy) – is application for the Android, iOS, and BlackBerry, allows you to secretly monitor incoming and outgoing messages / calls and check the activity of the phone in general.

The user can remotely configure display options data via a special server that will not take long.

Spyware will help establish the location of a particular phone on the basis of GPS and mobile networks allow you to view the history and browser bookmarks, calendar events and contacts in the address book. Continue reading

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