FacebookSocial network Facebook has implemented on their servers support the new Internet protocol SPDY, developed by Google and designed for faster transmission of online content.

Technically, SPDY is similar to the more common HTTP, but has a number of new features that allow it to quickly transfer content to client connections.

The SPDY developer – is a Google and until recently, the protocol anywhere but resources of the Internet giant has no use. The exception was the fund software development Apache Software Foundation, which late last year issued a SPDY-module for the web server Apache. Also recently announced support for SPDY WordPress.com, and Google itself has implemented support for SPDY in postal Gmail. In Twitter say that now test the ability to support SPDY.

It is obvious that the introduction of such a giant as SPDY Facebook – is a great victory for developing Google. In Facebook say SPDY allows you to upload content to 70% faster compared to HTTP. Continue reading