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After the criticism surrounding Windows 8, we take a look at whether or not the constant stream of updates from Microsoft is really benefitting consumers.

Keeping and updating software can often be tricky for businesses trying to manage their budgets whilst staying cutting edge.  Microsoft’s recent software policy has raised some intriguing questions about the value of constant updates. Continue reading

Panda Cloud Antivirus FreePanda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.2: personal data protection, parental control and multi-boot disk

Spanish developer of anti-virus protection, the company Panda Security, has announced a update to its free cloud product  Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Version 2.2 adds a number of useful antivirus tools, including protection against data theft when infected by malicious software and parental controls.

In addition, the updated solution includes the function of creating a multiboot USB-devices and access to the system in safe mode to combat viruses that are difficult to remove and which can harm the entire operating system. Continue reading

Kingsoft office suite free 2013The new version of Kingsoft Office Suite has received significant changes

The company Kingsoft Software has announced a new version of its free product KingSoft Office Suite Free 2013. This office suite is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Office on the Asian market. Now the solution has an updated interface and improved support for the latest Office-formats.

KingSoft Office Suite consists of three tools: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation – all of them have received a number of improvements and new features. First of all, it’s Ribbon-interface with a key advantage enjoyed by and the package Microsoft Office: ability to view and switch between multiple documents in a single tabbed window. Continue reading

Google ChromeIn the week Google released a beta version of its browser Chrome 26.

If in the last week released version of Chrome 25 main novelty is the support level API JavaScript Web Speech, which allows developers to incorporate voice recognition into their applications and Web sites, in Chrome 26, is expected to become a new engine, which allows to check the spelling of input through web form text.

Rachel Patterson, Software Engineer Google, said that the new version of Chrome will be much improved system of body scanning, which will operate in a wide range of applications. At the same time, the company says that the spell checker has been extended by the addition of three new languages: Korean, Tamil and Albanian.

In addition, the company said that in the future are going to lead to a single standard language files between Chrome versions for different platforms, users will be able to diversify the system of checking texts. Continue reading

Microsoft Office 365Microsoft provided an updated Office 365 for businesses. The new Office 365 is available in 69 countries. In the second quarter of 2013, to release a version for another 20 countries, the company said today.

In addition to improved solutions Microsoft Lync Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, business users now have access to the complete package of familiar Office applications with the ability to set their devices to five, with getting updates as they become available. The functions of the new Office 365 also extends the companies to deploy internal corporate social networking with SharePoint and Yammer. In addition, in June 2013 will be available to users of instant messaging and presence information, as well as for calls between Lync and service Skype.

The company said that with the launch of the 2011 Office 365 has become one of the fastest growing areas of business Microsoft. To date, one of the five major Microsoft business customers around the world use this cloud.

From now on you have the following subscription plans new Office 365, taking into account the specifics of each business segment: Continue reading

Apple has released iTunes 11.0.2

Apple iTunesApple has reported the availability of a new version of iTunes 11.0.2, a universal set of tools for audio and video, manage media libraries, as well as quick and easy purchase applications and content in the same online store.

The new version of iTunes for the operating systems OS X and Windows is now available for download. The product is also available as a separate assembly for 64-bit versions of Windows.

iTunes can be used by the owners desktop as a convenient media player, facilitates interaction with personal digital music library can make playlists, listen to the Internet radio stations. You can also convert media content, as well as quickly and accurately synchronize media libraries stored on the PC hard disk, with portable devices. Continue reading

Max PC BoosterMax PC Booster tunes and optimizes the performance of your computer to give you fast and stable handling.

Max PC Booster gives you the combined power of its four award-winning programs: Max Registry Cleaner, Max PC Privacy, Max Internet Optimizer and Max RAM Optimizer for the price of one program.

Max PC Booster safely cleans, repairs and optimizes the registry of Windows, protects your privacy by removing all traces of internet and computer activities, accelerates your Internet connection, free and defragment physical memory to your computer is always functioned as new. Continue reading

Acronis Snap Deploy

Acronis Snap DeploySoftware Acronis Snap Deploy is a comprehensive solution for deployment on PCs and servers using imaging technology Acronis.

With its powerful and simple solution Acronis Snap Deploy private companies, government organizations and educational institutions can quickly and easily perform initial or re-deploy system configurations on all notebooks, desktops and servers, while significantly reducing costs.

Acronis imaging technology allows the generation of a full disk image of a user-selected standard configuration, including the operating system, configuration files and applications. Then Acronis Snap Deploy provides simultaneous deployment of the image on multiple systems, making this the best solution for quick installation on the “bare metal” for servers and PCs.

Function of Acronis Snap Deploy:

– Power control. Deploying a master image from a single administrative console, including the operating system and applications on many PCs or LAN servers using multicast or unicast. Continue reading

ZoneAlarm 2013The company Check Point Software Technologies has introduced a new line of consumer products under the name 2013 ZoneAlarm security software to access the Internet.

The main difference between the new line include full compatibility with Windows 8, as well as support functions first introduced Facebook Privacy Scan to verify the safety records in chronological range of social networks and support standard Do Not Track to evade spy on users of the Web sites and ad networks .

In addition, a new series of products in 2013 ZoneAlarm Antivirus offers advanced modules and a software firewall. Additional features to protect personal information and parental controls to protect users and their families from all known network threats.

The new series of safeguards ZoneAlarm 2013, which includes free and subscription products, development of previous versions of ZoneAlarm. With new features like Facebook Privacy Scan (privacy control in social networks) and Do Not Track (bypass control tracking) the user can decide whether to open the published data and actions in Facebook strangers and ad networks. Both of these functions are implemented as soon as the network Facebook has introduced a new policy for dealing with personal data of participants. Continue reading

Windows Firewall Control

Released an updated version of the application Windows Firewall Control 3.8. With this small and completely free tool owners of computers running Windows will be able to configure the built-in firewall.

Users do not have to spend time on the development of numerous windows and operating system settings. To gain access to the most popular firewall settings, simply click on a compact tray icon. The compact box Windows Firewall Control, users can, for example, switch between available modes filtering outbound connections. The utility also can notify the owner of the computer for various events through pop-up or sound.

One of the most notable innovations presented in the new version of Windows Firewall Control 3.8, is the ability to simultaneously run multiple instances of the application, including various user accounts. Said improvement will provide a more stable operation of the program.

Application size reduced by 20% compared to previous versions, and the performance of the markedly increased. Developers managed to achieve this result through the use of faster and more advanced encryption algorithms. Built-in search engines have also been refined and now provides for more rapid detection of executable files on your hard drive. Continue reading

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