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Pebble Time Vinyl SkinThere’s a reason why smartwatches are rapidly growing in popularity.

For those of us tired of pulling out our smartphones from our pockets or bags just to read a text that simply says “lol”, a smartwatch lets us see the note with a simple tilt of our wrist.

On top of time saving measures that allow us to quickly read our phone’s notifications, smartwatches are designed to run all of your favourite apps like Pandora, Uber, ESPN, and Jawbone. Continue reading

Mobile World Congress 2014For hard-core mobile techies and enthusiasts, there are few bigger events on the calendar than the annual Mobile World Congress.

The February event, staged annually in Barcelona, Spain, is one part massive mobile technology exhibition, one part industry super conference.

“The Mobile World Congress is probably the most important convention in the wireless industry,” Continue reading

Google Glass

The law has not caught up with advancements in technology and so we could see many drivers get into trouble not realising that they are committing and offence.

A news story which emerged this week has got me thinking about issues which could arise when you use new technology in your car. A Californian woman was stopped and fined whilst driving in the San Diego area and one of her offences was “driving with a monitor visible to driver”. The monitor in question was actually a Google Glass, a pair of smart spectacles with a tiny visible screen in front of the wearer’s eye. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy GearOf all the next technological devices to have been launched over the last few years, not many have received as much attention as Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear.

What sets the Galaxy Gear apart from the pack, of course, is that it isn’t a smartphone or a tablet – it’s a smartwatch.

The device was officially unveiled by Samsung head honcho JK Shin at the IFA 2013 trade show, and will be released in more than 100 countries around the world on September 25.

However, tech fans in the US and Japan will have to wait until October before they can get their hands on the Galaxy Gear – or, more to the point, before they can get their Galaxy Gear around their wrist. So what does the Galaxy Gear have to offer, and is it really all it’s being cracked up to be? Continue reading

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