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Quality Web hostingIt is 4 am in the morning and you happen to be online.

As you troubleshoot on your ladies wear ecommerce site, you notice a string of complaints regarding technical issues with cart transactions.

You try it out and realize no customer can actually shop from you at the moment. You try contacting your web host but all channels are off. Continue reading

Call CentresCustomer services is arguable one of the most important aspects of running a successful business, this article tells how call centres improve customer services.

In today’s competitive business world, customers are always demanding accurate, immediate and satisfying responses to their questions as well as timely results. Often times, many companies, especially those that serve an extensive target audience are unable to demand keep up with the increasing demands of being on top of the customers service operations. Continue reading

Information technology outsourcingIT outsourcing is becoming more and more common in both big companies and small firms. The reason many businesses prefer to outsource is because it reduces costs, it’s efficient, and it’sobviously far more convenient then running an internal IT department.

In fact, early last year the smeweb.com news website reported that businesses have raised their outsourcing to 134% annually.  Here’s an overview of what IT outsourcing is and how it might benefit your company.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing is the delegation of specific services (such as customer care support, email support, help desk support, technical support, data entry, and chat support) to a service provider who is a specialist in that line of work Continue reading

Social Media for BusinessesSocial media is a part of everyday life for a society engulfed in technology, making it one of the best ways to reach vast and new audiences.

Social media is one of the few aspects of technology that people are exposed to so frequently through the day, with smartphones and tablets enabling people to never have to miss an update again. And with its many free and cost effective business features, it’s no surprise it is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies with new and small businesses looking to grow. Here are just a few of the many ways in which social media can help small business and start-ups: Continue reading

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