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Cloud VoIP solutionsEven though we have numerous options for communicating with our clients or customers, a phone call is often considered to be the most personal and effective method.

Text messages, emails and voice messages are also used for communication but when it comes to adding a touch of personal note, phone calls become the most preferred.

SMBs are investing a lot of money on building their communication infrastructure and the latest trend in this regard is VoIP. One of the latest market surveys has revealed that 41% of the organizations that have employee strength of 100 or lower have switched to the latest cloud VoIP communication system. There are several other companies that are thinking of moving to VoIP in the future. Continue reading

SEO ProcessMost often small businesses tend to ignore the advantages of having a website.

Even when they do have one, they are inclined to keep it low profile thinking SEO intervention for creating a vibrant web presence is far too complicated for them and more suited to the biggies.

Here are some very good reasons why even small businesses will find it worthwhile to engage SEO professionals for improving the performance and ranking of their websites. Continue reading

Information technology outsourcingSay that you have just started your very own business for reasons that are entirely your own.

You should know that from the word ‘go’, you simply cannot do all of the legwork yourself. Every big corporation in existence has started out from something infinitesimally small.

Think of it like this – the business that you start is a sundial with the longterm goal of having it become the Big Ben. That kind of infrastructure requires multiple people, all with specializations of their own for ultimate effectiveness. Your sundial might not need a hundred and one people – but you might want to consider the prospect that some outside help could very well be what upgrades you to an alarm clock, at least. Continue reading

Business FundingIn this article provides some tips for a good strategy for small business financing.

One of the biggest obstacles for setting up a company is unfortunately the funding. It isn’t easy to find funding, especially at the moment when the economy is recovering very slowly and the investors are hard to find. But you shouldn’t ever give up on your dream of having your own business just because of finding funding is hard.

There are still options that will make it possible for you to find enough funding. All it takes is some careful planning. Continue reading

Small Business WebsitesThe Letseat.at site shows that between 2012 and 2013, Chicago has 48% of the traffic for restaurant searches wrapped up in mobile devices.

IT can be a dilemma when it comes to deciding how much mobile accessibility to add to your website. This is especially the case for older people who are used to more traditional ways of accessing the Internet.

The whole smart phone craze might seem like a fad to sum. And certainly, there are a lot of fads within the mobile world. But when it comes to small business owners, especially restaurants, the writing is on the wall concerning whether mobile is a good idea or not in the coming year. Continue reading

web design

Three basic, but important online technologies for any small business owner to understand.

Website CMS, back end software and Google Docs are basic pieces of tech for any website, ignore them at your peril though.

Over the past few years, small business has become increasingly competitive especially if you happen to function online.  Part of the competition has emerged because technology has made it possible for small businesses to be opened more easily and efficiently than ever before.  Here’s a few technology upgrades to keep you competitive. While these might be the absolute basics, as I’ve found, if you don’t have the basics covered then you’re going to be in a world of trouble long term. Continue reading

Contract Management

Here are four important factors to consider when selecting the right contract management outsourcing solution for your small business needs

For smaller companies with limited staff resources, it may make financial and logistical sense to outsource contract management duties to a firm that specializes in implementation and maintenance of these critical information resources. Professional turnkey solutions for contract management can provide the tracking, monitoring and reporting functions small businesses need to evaluate their current vendor relationships and supply chain elements. These advanced software tools can also allow easier contract creation and collaboration within the workplace environment. Finding the right partner for contract management can be a challenging task for many smaller companies. Here are four important factors to consider when selecting the right contract management outsourcing solution for your small business needs. Continue reading

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