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The decision was taken after a preliminary survey of users, most of whom were in favor of replacing MySQL to MariaDB.

According to the developers Slackware, in contrast to the company’s Oracle, MariaDB Foundation nonprofit organization more concerned about the interest of the community and be more releases updates to address vulnerabilities.

The ongoing transition to MariaDB is already realized in the repository Slackware-current. In most situations, MariaDB offers compatibility with MySQL and can act as a transparent replacement for MySQL, so the distribution of users switching to MariaDB will be seamless and will not require any changes. Continue reading

Slax 7.0.6Available release Live-distribution Slax 7.0.6, based on packet-based Slackware Linux and comes with a graphical environment KDE 4.10.1.

The size of the boot image is slightly over 200 MB. Slax has a modular design and allows the user to build their own boot image, which consists of a set of selected modules.

The new release is notable for Linux kernel update to version 3.8.2, KDE – up to version 4.10.1, Firefox – to version 19.0.2. Other packages are updated to the current version from the repository Slackware-current.

Provided to display the date in the system tray (previously displayed only time), amended notices of the absence of activation and deactivation of modules, hidden pins KDE notification about the devices, as they appeared in unexpected positions. Slax size increased by about 3 MB because of the addition of new components KDE. The next issue of the size of the assembly will be reduced by removing unnecessary SVG-icons and other unnecessary files. Continue reading

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