Skip Metro SuiteSkip Metro Suite 3.0 – disabling unnecessary features of the modern interface Windows 8

The new version of the application Skip Metro Suite 3.0, with which users can disable the reactionaries-the most annoying features of “modern” interface of Windows 8. You do not like the modified “start screen” of the new operating system? Tired mechanism «hot corners», triggered accidentally moving the pointer to the edge of the screen? Skip Metro Suite lets you quickly and without any effort to solve these problems.

App Skip Metro Suite offers the attention of users a set of useful options that can be activated either simultaneously or separately. For example, utilities can provide automatic failover to the traditional desktop as soon as the computer boots. You’ll also be able to easily activate and deactivate the active areas on the edges of the screen, which provide owners of devices with touch screen easy access to the panel «Charms», tool «Task Switcher» updated or “Start” menu. It should be noted that these interface elements will not be stopped, and you can call any of them with a “hot” buttons. Continue reading