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SIP TrunkingSIP is preferred by business owners across the globe because it brings down the communication costs and at the same time create a perpetual communication system that never fails.

Session Initiation Protocol initiates the sessions over an IP network and it is one of the most preferred protocols of VoIP users. SIP has been found to work smoothly with internet applications and users are able to avail a variety of services that include  Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging all over Internet Protocol networks. Continue reading

sip and skypeSIP and SKYPE both are the means to enjoy IP telephony. Find out the differences between the two.

FCC report of 2010 suggests that 23 % of all voice-based communications in the United States was performed via SIP-based communication system. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is a signaling protocol which is necessary for initiating a communication and multimedia session over the Internet. Continue reading

Sip TrunkingSession Initiation Protocol or SIP for short, is apparently everywhere in the domain of communications circle in the current era.

One might have heard a lot about Voice over IP or IP telephony. The industry is warbling over this technological advancement. But most of the industrial set ups are unaware of the real advantage of VoIP and more extensively, real time IP communications.

VoIP when integrated with a fundamental yet dynamic protocol, known as SIP, attains the capability to transform the regular business communications set up into an intuitive communications system. Continue reading

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