Linux Foundation Secure Boot SystemFound a convenient way to install and boot Linux on machines with UEFI technology.

Independent foundation Linux Foundation has officially released a software solution for the installation of almost any Linux-distributions on the machine originally designed for Windows 8.

In particular, the new solution allows you to run Linux-based computers, where, instead of the traditional BIOS boot interface technology is used UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface – Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).

Package LF SBS (Linux Foundation Secure Boot System) addresses the fundamental problem of the many flavors of Linux, offering a way to install the new equipment that is running UEFI-firmware. The fact that the agreement of manufacturers, UEFI includes a secure boot mechanism called «Secure Boot». Led the creation of the new boot James Bottomley, a member of the Technical Board of the fund Linux Foundation.

As a replacement for long-outdated technology BIOS, UEFI firmware is designed to protect computers from malware by scanning special key before the operating system or any additional hardware, including graphics adapters. UEFI mechanism is the first link in a chain of trust from the “iron” and up to the application to help fight attempts to establish a false, malicious software. Continue reading