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web designChoosing a top web designer can be overwhelming considering the high number of web design companies.

Many times, clients fall into the hands of unprofessional web designers, and they get disappointed because they end up paying for substandard services. But even more serious is the fact that their business reputations suffer irreparable damage.

In this article, we tell you things that are likely to go wrong during the selection process as well as how you can steer clear of them. Remember that choosing a wrong designer can have serious consequences on your business. Continue reading

YouTube Search Engine

YouTube has in the past years made giant steps in terms of coping with challenges and meeting the needs of its clients.

Before becoming the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube underwent several key transformations. It was established thanks to the efforts of three Paypal employees Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Chen Steve. The idea to come up with the now most popular search engine was motivated by the trio’s inability to share videos that they had taken in a party the previous year.

Their invention has seen tremendous changes in online marketing platforms by improving the nature of online advertisements using video technology. These developments and the use of video sharing technology have taken place in less than a decade, an achievement that can be compared to no other given the time span in which it has taken place. Continue reading

Bing for OfficeSearch engine Bing, which is engaged in the development of the company Microsoft, has announced the release of the five minor additions to office applications in a line of Microsoft Office.

New utilities come under a common brand name «Bing Apps for Office» and are designed for use in the Office 365 cloud products, as well as in more traditional packages Office 2013.

All five additions:

– Bing News Search for Word;

– Bing Dictionary for Excel and Word;

– Bing Finance for Excel;

– Bing Maps for Excel;

– Bing Image Search for Word.

All five app now available as a free download in the online store Office Store.

According to the company Microsoft, these new applications are part of a larger strategy to make the service Bing «available in the most convenient and understandable form” on modern computing platforms. Bing-time registration application are quite suitable: Following the launch of the service Office.com and Office 365 series of products for individual users.

Shop Solutions Office Store, located on the new service Office.com, offers a variety of add-ins and tools for Microsoft Office. How such an approach would be popular with end users, yet to learn. If the power users all these additions can be very useful (and they are willing to pay for convenience), the ordinary users may not be of interest to the amendments. Continue reading

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