DisplAir 3Unique DisplAir, created by Astrakhan developers, will go on sale on March 28 and will cost $300,000.

DisplAir projects the image on the turbulent flow of water particles down to 2 microns, the properties of which can record up to 1500 simultaneous touches. These solid microparticles are resistant to heat and frost, they do not evaporate or freeze.

Touch the “air display” and move the hands read a set of infrared and optical sensors that can distinguish between angular and linear motion and speed with a delay not exceeding 0.2.

DisplAir developers claim that the system can recognize more complex gestures compared to the existing multi-market systems. “Air Display” is compatible with computers to Windows 7. The main drawback of these displays is fueling the need for their liquid. DisplAir, for example, consumes 1.5 liters of water per hour. Continue reading