Open SourceUpgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3 with vulnerabilities  fixes. Update ClamAV 0.97.7 and Puppet 3.1.1/2.7.21/2.6.18 with security fixes. Release of Wine 1.5.26.

Upgrading the Linux kernel 3.0.69, 3.4.36 and 3.8.3

Presented next corrective releases kernel Linux: 3.0.69 (patch 21) 03/04/36 (40 patches) and 3.8.3 (105 patches). As usual, in the announcement of new versions emphasizes mandatory update.

In release 3.8.3 fixed yesterday announced a vulnerability in the implementation of the namespace for non-privileged users, which allows local users to get the right root. In addition to plug the leak of information through the crypto API and fixed vulnerability (CVE-2013-1792) in the implementation keyctl, local users to cause a kernel crash. Of subsystems, which are included in non-security changes, you can note a large portion of patches in the subsystems USB, ALSA, dm (device-mapper) and drm/i915, as well as single patch in xen, kvm, efi, vfs, Btrfs, Ext4, mfd, md/raid1, md/raid10, e1000e, mac80211, CIFS, drm / radeon, ath9k, NFS. Continue reading