Trailer Bioshock InfiniteIrrational Games has released a video, which details how to created the main hero BioShock: Infinite. In order that players liked Elizabeth and they could become attached rather strong to her, developers had to attract four real girls who not only sounded it, but also enclosed in it a particle itself.

Elizabeth – is the salvation and destruction of Columbia, a character whose ability scare not only ordinary residents of the city, but also its enemies, which she, by the way, a lot.

We also learned that the console version of BioShock: Infinite have significant problems, both in technical terms, as well as the final image. One of the journalists who have played in the Xbox 360 version, said:

“Constantly striking blurry textures, and the game often slows down, although in recent years, and the first and the second – the usual for multiplatform games stuff.”

As for the Mac version of BioShock, then more recently publisher Aspyr began developing the series for the operating system Apple. The company promises to release BioShock Infinite summer of 2013. Continue reading