Netgear ReadyNASNetgear has introduced new ReadyNAS 3220 and ReadyNAS 4220 – the flagship models of networked storage systems with 12-bay rack-mountable 2U form factor.

Devices running the operating system ReadyNAS OS 6, which provides data storage for companies with small and medium-sized enterprise networks, in which up to 500 concurrent users.

12-bay ReadyNAS 4220 – a system in a 2U form factor for placement in the rack data center that supports 50 to 500 concurrent users. ReadyNAS 4220 is designed for companies that need to provide a backup of large volumes of data on physical or virtual machines, servers, and databases. This model is available in two versions, each of which is equipped with a four-port Gigabit Ethernet. Ready NAS 4220S model has a two-port SFP + 10G, and ReadyNAS 4220X – two-port 10GBase-T 10G. NETGEAR ReadyNAS 4220 delivers in two configurations – diskless or populated with drives. Continue reading