QupZillaThe release of the free web-browser QupZilla 1.4.0, built based on Qt and WebKit

After 6 months of development before release multiplatform web-browser QupZilla 1.4.0, built using Qt and the browser engine WebKit (QtWebKit).

The main goal of the project is to create QupZilla full browser that supports best features Firefox, Opera and Chrome, but while consuming significantly less resources – saving of memory, providing high performance and maintain responsiveness of the interface is given the highest priority. Source code QupZilla licensed under GPLv3. Binaries are available for most distributions of Linux, as well as Windows, OS / 2, and Haiku OS.

According to the developers, to the creation of the new browser pushed them that existing browsers based on QtWebKit (Arora, QtWeb, Rekonq) or no longer actively developed, or have a big problem with stability, or do not support important functions. In addition, all previously available based browsers QtWebKit not originally positioned as a multi-platform products, while Qupzilla developed with an eye on security in various desktop environments and operating systems. Continue reading