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Digia QtThe company Digia spoke about the goals of the project Qt for the next few years

The company Digia has summed up some of the goals of the project Qt, to be achieved by 2017, and what has already been done to achieve them:

Number 1 in the multi-platform support

Qt – a cross-platform development framework that supports a wide range of desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. The last few months Digia is working on adding support for Android and iOS. In the immediate release of Qt 5.1 Digia is able to provide advanced technological support for both operating systems – Android and iOS – and hopes to announce the official release of the full support in Qt 5.2 at the end of this year. Digia also working on porting WinRT support in Qt – it will be available after the official support of Android and iOS. Continue reading

Open SourceThe first stable release of SDK Plasmate 1.0, provides a set of tools and specialized integrated environment for the development of desktop components Plasma, such as widgets, data visualization engines (DataEngines) and plugins to extend the interface to run programs (Runners).

In addition, Plasmate allows development and other components KDE, which uses Javascript and QML, such as desktop effects for window manager KWin, based on SVG visual themes and plugins to switch windows on Alt + Tab. Plasmate code is licensed under the GPLv2.

Plasmate is a highly specialized system that is easier to use and offer a means to support a step-by-step development cycle, including operations such as the creation of the project, writing code, adding new resources, testing, development and publishing of the product. As one of the goals of Plasmate mentions the possibility of creating something new in a matter of seconds and instant publishing results. For example, in Plasmate can be quickly downloaded from the KDE Apps or supplement the script, make changes, test that the result and immediately publish it in KDE Apps. Continue reading

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